Welcome to St. Lazarus Orthodox Church

“The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and all that dwell within.”
(Psalm, 24:1)

Whether the psalmist David ever contemplated the fate of modern mankind or not, his words today resound with a renewed emphasis, for indeed the earth is the Lord’s.

Perhaps the greatest witness to this for Australian Serbs is the fact that this portion of the Lord’s earth we have chosen as our new home has over the past sixty years become a place of continuing faith and tradition, a place where the Serbs continue to serve the Lord.

The trickle of Orthodox Serbs who migrated to Australia as far back as late 19th century, turned to a torrent as refugees and displaced persons made the long journey down under at the end of the Second World War.

Upon arrival, their first communal task was to organise Church life.

Through the prayers and by the Grace of God, over the period of more than six decades, churches were established in all major cities and towns, and even in remote communities in the outback of Australia.

Our own parish, dedicated to St. Lazarus the Great Martyr of Kosovo, was founded in 1955.

We join with all the Serbian parishes in offering thanks to Him whose earth this is, and then to those His servants, who established our Church, and held and sustained holy Orthodox faith in Australia.

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